Straight forward prices

Our driving lesson charges are simple.

  • We charge an hourly rate.
  • We do not charge any extra for weekend or public holiday lessons.
  • We do not charge for issue of the Certificate of Competency upon the successful completion of the Final Drive.
  • From time to time we have special offers.

Our standard lesson price in our most popular packages is $78 per hour (Full price is $85). We offer new customers a special deal until 31 July 2017 being 3 Lessons for $130, (Conditions apply) a saving of $40,  to try our services and other promotions and competitions from time to time.

Our Terms and Conditions are clearly stated to ensure that all customers are well informed about out cancellation and no show policy and our Student Code of Conduct.

The convenience of making and managing your appointments with us through our online booking system allows parents and learners to plan appointments for times that suit you and without the restriction of doing so during working hours. There is no extra charges for making online bookings.  

We aim to make provide excellent value for money!

At National Driving Academy we understand the need to ensure that there is a fair balance between the cost of obtaining your licence and the quality of the final skills transferred to the learner driver. We are committed to reducing the extraordinarily high accident rate for P platers in their first 6 months of being licenced. We believe that the number of driving lessons required will ultimately depend on the individual learner and their opportunity to get quality supervision during practice drives.

Our lesson prices are great value and you can save money with our lesson packages. And if you can't find the money to buy a lesson package and save we offer a payment plan. That's the benefit of dealing with an ethical organisation. 

Suggestions for reducing costs

The number of driving lessons required to complete the ACT Log Book depends entirely on the skills, capacity to learn practical methods and quality practice between driving lessons of the individual learner. A learner driver can improve skills through good quality, frequent and relevant driving practice, which will be influenced by the Supervising Driver. The Keys2Drive Government Funded session will help guide with the pathway to solo driving and help reduce the number of driving lessons required through improved in family learning.

Our suggestions for supervising drivers are:

  • Read the Supervising Drivers booklets provided by the RTA
  • Review the learners log book to see progress and instructor notes
  • Book a Keys2Drivefree session and have the accredited instructor foucs on your role as a supervising driver
  • Request to attend at least one driving lesson
  • Speak to or message, using the online booking system, the instructor about any concerns or to seek advice

It takes at least 7 lessons to complete the ACT log book, average is 10 to 15 lessons.

Always feel free to call us on 1300 922 797 or email us.

3 Lessons For $130! New Customer Special

3 Lessons For $130! New Customer Special 
Package details
Full Price: $170.00
Sale Price: $130.00

Silver Lesson Package

Silver Lesson Package 
Package details
Full Price: $425.00
Sale Price: $405.00

Gold Lesson Package

Gold Lesson Package 
Package details
Full Price: $850.00
Sale Price: $780.00

Platinum Lesson Package

Platinum Lesson Package 
Package details
Full Price: $1,369.00
Sale Price: $1,136.00

Pre-test Polish Package

Pre-test Polish Package 
Package details
Full Price: $255.00
Sale Price: $243.00
Call us on 1300 922 797 or 02 6259 4053 to schedule a driving lesson.

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