I recently completed my log book and assessment, my instructor was Babar Cohan. I am 41 and have never driven in my life, I was nervous, apprehensive and generally fearful of learning to drive but I was also determined. Babar was amazing, with his first words as I approached the little Toyota on my lesson, 'Chris this is the car that is going to take you to your P plates' I was immediately put at ease. With his lesson styles, his patience, his ability to come up with solutions to what I thought were frustratingly hard problems, I can only but commend him. I am now very positive about driving and continue to grow in confidence when I do drive, heeding his safe teachings and the skills he has taught me. I have completed a challenge that I set myself and it means a world to me and only did so because of Babar. I would highly recommend the driving school to anyone of any driving age and once again thank Babar for the way he taught me to drive.
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