Hi Steven, we wanted to write and say thank you for getting both of our children through their Ls and successfully to their Ps. We are extremely pleased that both kids were successful in attaining their Ps on the first attempt. This is a reflection of the patience and skill you used in teaching them both. Of course, all of the excellent work you do cannot be fully realised unless there is a someone willing to put in many hours of work to help the student practice, and we hope that other parents understand the importance of their role in supporting the vital groundwork that you do. Bella gained her Ps in February 2011 and has subsequently done a defensive driving course as well as completing the P-off course. Gus gained his Ps in September this year. We are pleased to say that both kids are safe, skilled and considerate drivers. We highly recommend you to anyone seeking a patient, experienced and outstanding driving instructor. We wish you all the very best and thank you again.

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